Lade Veranstaltungen

About the workshop

Navigating working scenes with minors can be challenging.

Ensuring that the parents and guardians are informed of the asks while respecting the youth’s boundaries is essential for an Intimacy professional.

In this class, we will review steps you can take to help support these young performers and their guardians to be prepared for the demands of the set. We also examine what considerations may need to be in place, along with departments you may need to contact.

If you are an Intimacy professional in Film, television, or theatre, this is a valuable course to add to your knowledge base!


About Amanda Liz Cutting

An award-nominated actor and director, Amanda Liz Cutting has been active in professional and semi-professional theatre, film, and television for over twenty years.

Amanda has been an actors’ advocate and Intimacy Coordinator/Director for the last eight years.

She is a certified Intimacy Coordinator with Intimacy Directors International (IDI). She is on the National Society of Intimacy Professionals (NSIP) board of directors.

She leads Principal Intimacy Professionals (PIP), a team who serves Vancouver’s Hollywood North and other Canadian film/television/theatre centres.

In 2019, she was the first Intimacy Coordinator to be hired by Bollywood for the web series Mastram (MX Player), which has become the highest-viewed series in the world with 616 million views. She has worked for shows such as the Game of Thrones Prequel (HBO), Shogun (Disney), The Magicians (NBC/Universal), The Bold Type (Freeform), The Good Doctor (ABC), Radio Nowhere (CBS), Upload (Amazon), to name a few.