Lade Veranstaltungen

About the workshop

Learn the differences of creating simulated violence for camera and on stage. Who participates and how can you use the eye of the spectator to your advantage.

We will explore:

  • who is on set & lines of communication
  • open & down camera, left & right camera
  • 180° rule, 30° rule
  • silver thread
  • lines of attack & what the camera sees
  • the dynamic of the strike
  • changing the action for different angles
  • the role of the editor in fighting for film
  • and how to study technique on your own.

This workshop is for directors, choreographers, DOPs and performers.


About John McFarland

John McFarland is an actor, teacher and practitioner of Voice, Intimacy and Stage Combat.

His first job out of Graduate School was in the fight industry and he has never looked back. John is a Master Teacher with The British Academy of Stage and Screen Combat and a Fight Director and Certified Teacher with The Society of American Fight Directors.

He has just finished his 23nd year of teaching at Columbia College Chicago in the USA, where he has taught Voice for the Actor, Process for Vocal Extremes, Stage Combat, Intimacy and Physical Acting, Fighting For Film, and Advanced Applications of Stage Violence including Wire work, Mass battle & Multi attackers and Fighting for film.

John has taught at more than 70 workshops in the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, and Canada. His home base is in Chicago where he lives with his wife Susan and his Chocolate Labrador Phoebe.