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About the workshop

Our work as Intimacy Coordinators requires using super-highly-developed emotional and communication skills.

A typical day on the job includes striving to create emotional and physical safety around hyper-sensitive and possibly traumatic issues in heightened power dynamic situations, while mediating varied needs, bridging gaps, conducting difficult conversations, shifting essential views and perceptions, and establishing new, structured creative working processes.

Piece of cake!

What are the strategies that will help us to manage that very tall order? What will prepare us to deal with the emotional and interpersonal challenges, risks, and dilemmas we constantly encounter as IC’s? What can help us maintain a long-lasting, emotionally healthy career as IC’s without becoming depleted by this highly-charged role? How can we continue to be empowered and able to support both ourselves and others in this vital and taxing process on a daily basis?


This three-hour workshop will present tools that provide answers to those questions and that have been effective for managing my daily professional challenges as a pioneering IC in Israel during the past three years.

These tools are based on principles from methods and disciplines Erga Yaari studied, practiced, taught, and used both as an emotional mentor and in her work as an educator.

During this workshop, participants will exercise some of the tools presented in order to deepen their understanding of how to implement them in live communication and to experience first-hand the physical and emotional effects of these tools.


About Erga Yaari

Erga Yaari is an IPA-certified Intimacy Coordinator. In 2020, she founded the Intimacy Coordination profession for the film, television, and stage industry in her country – Israel – and since then has been working to develop and expand the field there. Erga has also directed and produced experimental video-art projects on gender and sexuality and has worked as an artistic designer in screen and stage productions. In addition to working in the film, television, and stage industry, Erga is a certified Nonviolent Communication mentor and is currently studying the Hakomi therapy method. Her pioneering activity to establish and promote the Intimacy Coordinator profession in Israel involves not only working as a hands-on intimacy coordinator, but also lecturing on the topic, initiating and facilitating intimacy and emotional safety workshops for acting and film students in academia and high schools.