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About the Workshop

Practice Saying No – If you’ve felt limited by the ‘no means no’ and ‘anything other than an enthusiastic yes is a no’ rhetoric of consent, this class will give you a much deeper and more nuanced way to talk about consent and boundaries.

We will go over the Yes-to-No Spectrum and then do practice exercises to feel the embodied sense of our no.

For Intimacy Coordinators, this can assist in assessing an actor’s feelings about a scene or particular action, as well as your own comfort as you do your work.

We will also discuss building a care plan for actors (and yourself!) through challenging material.


About Mia Schachter

Mia Schachter is a consent educator, writer, speaker, podcaster, artist and Intimacy Coordinator for TV, Film, and Theater. After spending ten years in New York working in theater and visual art, they returned to their hometown of Los Angeles in 2018.

Their BA in Philosophy, and their academic background in gender studies and neuroscience informs their work.You can follow their work on Instagram @consent.wizardry.