Internationale Konferenz für Intimitätskoordination, 13.-22. Februar 2024 in Berlin
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Join the 2nd International Conference for Intimacy Coordination: Grow Together

The theme of this year’s conference is ‚GROW TOGETHER‘! Join us for a weeklong event with programming from 40+ intimacy professionals & 15 IC organizations to share knowledge, build community, and have fun!

Set in the week of the international Film Festival BERLINALE on 13-20 February, ICIC2024 offers intimacy practitioners and industry stakeholders a unique opportunity for learning, discussion, and networking. 2024 will have workshopdays for IC-Beginners and experienced ones, a community get together, inspiring networking events and so much more. Check out our Agenda.

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ICIC2024 will take place in several locations in Berlin. Find out more about our Venues and how to get there.

Agenda of the ICIC 2024 : One Week of Intimacy Coordination

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ICIC Programm Titelblatt
ICIC Workshop Guide

Detailed Schedules

An in-depth workshop day offering a range of continued professional development (CPD) opportunities. (Certificates of attendance available)

Designed for in-training, emerging and established intimacy professionals, these workshops will enrich your practice building on the most essential skills of intimacy coordination. Looking to fulfil requirements for BECTU, IPG, the SAG-AFTRA registry or other associations? Check out the certification options. Whether you are navigating safe spaces, self care or pitching to producers and paperwork you can cover all bases (and bodies!) in the central Berlin location of Ostkreuz.

The Workshops will take place at Jugendherberge Berlin Ostkreuz.

Workshops include

  • Demystifying the Concept of a ‚Safe Space’: Exploring Methods for Creating Inclusive Environments for Cast & Crew
  • Between the Sheets: Paperwork Essentials for Intimacy Professionals
  • LGBT+ Awareness Workshop
  • Pitching and Interview Skills: Saying the Right Things to the Right People
  • Beyond Self-Care: The Resilience Toolkit for IC’s
  • Modesty Garments – Applications and Considerations

On the first Day of ICIC 2024, participants* are welcome to attend 4 compelling 80-minute panel discussions. Each panel will consist of 10 minutes of exceptional IC/IP’s input, a moderated discussion and an extended collective Q&A with the IC community.


9:30 – Doors open

10:00 – Welcome

10:20-11:35 – IC Process Flow: Transatlantic Encounters [Livestream available]
Panelists: Yarit Dor, Malin B. Erikson, Florian Federl, Megan Wong
Moderator: Lexie Koren

11:55-13:20 – Gatekeeping vs. Golden Standards  [Livestream available]
Panelists: Lola Clavo, Amanda Cutting, Kate Lush, Pia Rickman
Moderator: Jaclyn Chantel

14:30-15:50 – Navigating Allyship and Creative Impact  [Livestream available]
Panelists: Lucía Delgado, Giovanni Napoli, Momoko Nishiyama, Heather Ondersma
Moderator: Erga Yaari

16:10-17:40 – Belonging and Authenticity
A panel discussion with BIPOC IPs from around the globe.
Panelists: Rufai Roo Ajala, Sondos Shabayek, Megan Wong
Moderator: Haruka Kuroda

18:10-18:40 – Magic Box of Wonder — Collective Knowledge Sharing #1

18:40-19:00 – Closure of IC Community Day

* This day is only for trained intimacy practitioners. Please send in your CV or certificate to that shows you are trained and working as an IC. Data will be deleted after being checked by our Team.

This exciting event at Sophiensæle offers a jam-packed program where you can meet experienced IC/IPs, international filmmakers, showrunners and producers. In addition, our Marketplace will feature dozens of global intimacy practitioners‘ organizations presenting information on their services, such as workshops, training, and certified courses. Modesty garment companies will showcase their latest products. More panel discussions and short talks will further the conversation!

What’s on today:

9:30 – 10:00 – Welcome [Livestream available]
by BIK, ICIC and Marietta Rissenbeek (Berlinale Festival Management Executive Director)

10:00 – 10:15 – Intimacy – what is it? [Livestream available] An introduction by Julia Effertz

10:20 – 11:40 – Exploring Worlds of Intimacy [Livestream available]
Panel discussion between ICs: Sara Arrhusius, Tigger Blaize, Yehuda Duenyas, Julia Effertz.
Moderator: Sam Murray

11:40 – 12:05 BREAK 1 – check the Foyer and visit the Market: meet your community or language support at the Buddy counter, get a coffee at the Bar, can „Ask an Intimacy Coordinator Anything“ at the „AICA“ Table, meet over 15 international associations, or buy some Modesty garments or K-Tape.

12:15 – 13:40 – Mental Health in the Creative Processes [Livestream available] Talk between experts: Jimanekia Eborn, Alina Gause, Irena Gruca-Rozbicka, Jules Hussey, Alison Novelli.
Moderator: Florian Federl

13:40 – 14:35 – BREAK 2 (+Market)

14:40 – 15:50 – Risky Rooms: Structuring intimacy for sex and violence narratives. [Livestream available]
Creative talk with Fight Choreographers / Stunt Coordinators & Intimacy Professionals: Yarit Dor, Cornelia Dworak, Robert Aronowitz, Enric Ortuño. Moderator: Franzy Deutscher

15:50 – 16:20 – BREAK 3 (+Market)

16:20 – 17:30 – POV: Impacts of the Intimate Images – a talk between cinematographer Diana Sow, showrunner Marianne Wendt, Karin Heisecke from MaLisa Foundation and intimacy coordinator Tábata Cerezo. Moderator: Kasia Szustow

17:30 – 17:55 – BREAK 4 (+Market)

18:00 – 18:40 – Q&A: Magic Box of Wonder – Collective Knowledge Share-out [Livestream available]

Crew-Call – First 150 Conference Tickets (15th) can join the party with Crew-United!

The program at the Sophiensæle includes an exclusive invitation to the Crew Call Berlin party at the Kulturbrauerei for the first 150 tickets. We are electrified to announce that our treasured supporter and partner, Crew United, is generously offering this opportunity.

The evening’s musical ambiance will be curated by the exceptional FLINTGA*-only DJ collective BLVSH featuring Inverno, Acidfinky, Hripsime, Agata, KÁ, and Triqi on the turntables.  Come celebrate!

ICIC 2024 is proud to offer an open workshop program that takes this year’s theme of ‘Grow Together’ to heart. Delve into exciting, contemporary topics alongside practical skills presented by a dynamic team of internationally experienced practitioners.

The Workshops will take place at Jugendherberge Berlin Ostkreuz.

Workshops include

  • Intimacy Choreography: Safety Techniques for Simulated Sex (PRACTICAL – EXPERIENCED ICs ONLY)
  • IC Tools in Spirit of the Hakomi Method – Establishing Professional Intimacy in Rehearsal  (PRACTICAL – EXPERIENCED ICs ONLY)
  • Embodied Layers of Intimacy: Working with Trans or Nonbinary People (PRACTICAL – ALL LEVELS/GENDERS)
  • Knowing Your Worth: Setting Rates & Professional Boundaries (INTERACTIVE- ALL LEVELS)
  • Building Knowledge on Prophylaxis & Intimacy Coordination (LECTURE – ALL LEVELS)
  • Discovering Intimacy Coordination in Motion Capture (Q & A – ALL LEVELS)
  • Intimacy & Violence: A practical session (PRACTICAL – ALL LEVELS)
  • Navigating ID: Embracing Diversity in Dyslexia & Dyspraxia (PRACTICAL – ALL LEVELS)
  • Building Rapport with Performers: Communication, Safety & Trust (LECTURE – ALL LEVELS)
  • The Art of Storyboarding & Pre-visualization for Intimate Scenes (LECTURE / Q & A – ALL LEVELS)
  • African Perspectives on Intimacy: Working Across Cultures (LECTURE – ALL LEVELS)
  • Empathetic Allyship: Navigating Trauma & Fostering Support for Survivors (LECTURE / Q & A – ALL LEVELS)

We meet in the „Kantine“ at Sophiensaele. Admission is free and open to everyone – Limited to 100 attendees.

On the 17th February we will finally have a full day to talk about intimacy coordination and stage!

The conference day „Staging Intimacy“ deals with the relationship between the emerging professional field of „intimacy coordination“ (in the field of film) and the fields of dance, performance, musical and speech theatre. From the perspective of institutionalised theatre structures, the question is often asked „Intimacy coordination – do we even need such a thing?“. On 17 February, we will take a serious look at this question: First, various ICs will face direct questions from Mateusz Szymanòwka. Everything you always wanted to know about IC but never dared to ask will find its place here.
Afterwards, we will open the room for two discussion rounds: On the one hand, we will discuss the structural change towards consent-based practices in the work settings of the performing arts. On the other hand, we will approach the associated aesthetic questions of simulated realism in representations of intimacy and sex as well as the artistic search for transgression. How is boundary-conscious and consensus-orientated work compatible with artistic striving for states outside the norm and expectation?

The ICIC is a conference organised on a voluntary basis on the topic of intimacy coordination. The programme of 17.02. is an offer for the scene and an invitation to exchange ideas. The conference language is English. As we do not have any financial resources available for this day, we cannot afford the following measures: There will be no translation into German. There will also be no translation into DGS or BSL.

The „canteen“ in the sophiensaele is on the ground floor and therefore accessible at ground level and wheelchair-friendly. Alternative seating (bean bags) will be provided.

12:00 Intro
12:13 – 13:15 What is IC? Interview with Intimacy Coordinators and Intimacy Directors
13:30 – 15:00 Into the Structures and Institutions 
15:30 – 16:15 Case Study 1 – Intimacy and Dance
16:30 – 17:15 Case Study 2 – Intimacy and Sprechtheater
17:30 – 18:30 Collective Reflection and Closure

Principal Intimacy Professionals (PIPs) is offering a 3 day (24 course hours), in-person workshop that digs deeper into intimacy choreography, practicum scenarios, and kit practices.

Topics covered:

  • Deep-dive into physical positions and vocals/breathwork for stage and screen
  • Modesty wear review and application (on mannequins)
  • Roleplaying conversations / situations with actors / directors / producers
  • Practical Mental Health First Aid applications

Students will be rotating as directors, Intimacy Professionals, and actors for choreography work within their respective boundaries.
Lead facilitators: Amanda Cutting, Megan Gilron


Pay-what-is-sustainable-for-you tuition model, please apply directly at Principal Intimacy Professionals

Held at the Berlin University of the Arts. Here, we gather with renowned IC Practicioners from international contexts to foster the relationship between IC and Higher Education frameworks. Be there when consent culture is weaved into education, preparing future generations of informed makers!


09.30 Welcome 

10.00 “Queer/Trans Approaches to IC in Higher Education: Students, Structures, Society” Lecture by Dr. Joy Brooke Fairfield (Rhodes College Memphis, USA) & Raja Benz (University of Michigan, USA) [Livestream available]

10.45 “Building a Collective Movement Through Integrative Practices in Higher Education – A Case Study on the Rewards and Challenges of Implementing a University College Course on Intimacy and Consent” by Lexie Koren & Signe Alexandra Domogalla (Høyskolen Kristiania Oslo, NOR) [Livestream available]

11.40 „Creative Education & Intimacy Practice – Cultivating Trust for Increased Creativity“ – Lecture by Pia Rickman (University for the Creative Arts UCA / Nordic Intimacy Coordinators / The Intimacy Practitioner’s Guild, UK/FIN) [Livestream available]

Reactions & Q&A to all Lectures by Jaclyn Chantél (CINTIMA, USA)

13.00-14.30 Lunchbreak

14.30 IC/D & HE – how to shape the schools of intimacy of tomorrow? Panel with Jaclyn Chantél, Lexie Koren, Signe Alexandra Domogalla, Joy Brooke Fairfield, Raja Benz, Pia Rickman, Dr. Lea-Sophie Schiel (Moderation)

16.15 Roundtable discussion “Intimitätskoordination im deutschsprachigen Hochschulkontext” with Kerstin Iskra (Women- & Equality Officer UdK), Lea Gerstenkorn (ensemble-netzwerk), Magz Barrawasser (Theatredirektor, B-IK, Netzwerk Regie), Prof. Dr. Melanie Hinz (Moderation) (German Language) 

17.45 Collective Reflection on the Day
18.00 Closing & Goodbye 


If you want to attend the Higher Education Day at the Berlin University of the Arts please get the „Supporter Ticket – Higher Education Day 19.02.2024“.

You can choose the amount you wish to support the whole conference. Please also register over this link:

If you want to attend the conference day, you can bring your children. There is gonna be childcare for kids 3+ on the 19th for people.
It will be in the room next to the conference space. Please bring the favorite toy / book of your child as well as something to drink & eat.
Please register for childcare via mail: – and send in the name and age of your child as well as your phone number.


ICIC Lectures
Workshops Day 1
Workshops Day 2

Venues of #ICIC2024

ICIC2024 will take place at three beautiful, historic locations in Berlin, all near public transportation, centrally located and accessible.

Sophiensæle: Meet us in the Heart of Berlin

Lectures and Discussions of ICIC2024 will be held at the legendary Berlin hotspot, the Sophiensæle – Berlin’s most significant center for independent performing arts, located in the heart of the Mitte district.

Sophiensæle are located at Sophienstraße 18 in Berlin-Mitte. Easily reached via U-Bahnhof Weinmeisterstraße, S-Bahnhof Hackescher Markt or S-Bahnhof Oranienburger Straße.

Read more about the location and accessibility at their page.

Der Festsaal der Sophiensäle

Our Workshops are located at Jugend­­herberge Berlin Ostkreuz / Theater Strahl

Theater Strahl bei der JuHe Ostkreuz (c) Jörg Metzner

Foto: Jörg Metzner

Theater Strahl is situated on the grounds of Ostkreuz Jugendherberge within a recently converted 1906 school. Thus, the largest youth hostel of Berlin offers not only affordable rooms (you might consider staying there for the conference), but also excellent workshop spaces that meet our needs perfectly.

The Youth Hostel is at Marktstraße 9-12 in Berlin Lichtenberg. Exit your public transport at Berlin Ostkreuz to get there.

Find out more about them at their page.

Open Conference Day at UDK Berlin

Berlin University of the Arts (UdK), a world-renowned institution for the arts and walking distance from Berlinale’s original headquarters, Cinema Zoo Palast. The prestigious Universität der Künste Berlin is the perfect venue for our Open Conference Day on „IC in Higher Education“ on Feb 19.

We are hosted at Bundesallee 1-12, Room 201. To get there, exit U3 or U9 at Spichernstraße.

It is possible to get tickets solely for the Open Conference on Feb 19. See here for ticketing or contact us.

UDK Berlin Gebäude Bundesallee

Quelle: Matthias Heyde

Let’s make ICIC2024 accessible, positive and fun – and Grow Together

Please voice your needs in advance: Send an e-mail to If you require specific accommodations, feel free to share your needs in advance, allowing ICIC to provide necessary support.

At ICIC, we uphold a culture of respect and inclusivity, emphasizing positive interactions and open dialogue. We kindly request all participants to refrain from engaging in any form of harassment, discrimination, or inappropriate behavior. By doing so, we collectively support a secure and respectful environment where everyone can freely and comfortably participate. Your commitment to creating a positive atmosphere contributes to the success of our shared experience.

Thank you for fostering a culture of safety, respect, and collaboration at the International Conference for Intimacy Coordination!

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