Modesty Garments and Barriers Applications and Variations


Megan's workshop gives a thorough overview of the preparation, supplies and methods for implementing and applying garments and barrier options for scenes of implied nudity and simulated sex for stage and screen.

€29 – €59

Don’t leave your dagger behind


Fight Choreography Workshop on how to fight with two weapons: integrate the dagger in your rapier fights with US Fight Choreographer John Mc Farland.


Managing Secondary Traumatisation in Storytelling


Learn more about the types of secondary traumatization which occur in Storytelling and efficient strategies from intimacy coordinators with diverse specialization from around the globe.

€19 – €39

Practice saying NO


Maybe you know Mia Schachter from her Instagram "Consent wizardry" - Join this beautiful and important workshop and learn more about the foundation of consent: saying no!

€24 – €49